How many subs are allowed in a Nations League Game?

How many subs allowed nations league UEFA

If you are like me, you have been watching the UEFA’s latest nations league games wondering how many subs are allowed in a UEFA Nations League game. I googled the question myself. It took me a good few minutes searching through the Official Regulations of the Nations League to find the answer, during which time I missed Raheem Sterling’s opening goal in England’s historic 3 – 2 defeat of Spain in Sevilla. Spain’s first competitive defeat at home in 15 years.

So, I thought I would make it easy for the next inquisitive soul who perilously searched the same question. I know, I know, I AM a hero without a cape…

The official Regulations of the Nations League can be found here.

After a quick scan of the document found that three substitutions are allowed of the named twelve.

This is documented on page 28 of the Official Regulations article 38.04 which reads:

How many subs allowed in Nations League Game


38.04: Only three of the substitutes listed on the match sheet may take part in the match. A player who has been substituted may take no further part in the match.

You can get back to watching the game, knowing how many subs are allowed in a Nations League game, and hopefully you haven’t missed any action!

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